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Contemplative Bible Storytelling for Children

A Daily Contemplative Advent Podcast

Join us, as we wait together for God

Each episode features:

  • a Scripture passage brought to life with dynamic music and audio

  • a short, engaging reflection on the passage

  • a contemplative time for wondering together about the story

  • brief thoughts and a prayer led by a special child-guest

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Why We Wonder?

Plenty of wonderful resources exist to teach children about the Bible. This podcast invites children into an immersive, contemplative experience of the words of Scripture. We make space for their responses and questions, and guide them in a prayerful engagement with the story. And we remember, always, that God is drawing close to us in love as we make space for the Holy Spirit to speak through our sacred text.

We want to invite children into a life of wonder, engagement, and curiosity about the Bible. Children's spiritual lives are real and vibrant: they are known and loved by God as they are right now, not just as grownups in training! That's why, on this podcast, we allow children the space to enter God's good words together, wonder about them, and talk with God about what we find. 

Why Advent?

When a child is waiting for a long-planned event, like a birthday party or a visit from a beloved family member, they will ask every morning: "Is today the day?" And when the blessed day finally arrives, we can count on hearing, at least hourly, "Is it time yet?" "When will Grandma get here?" "Why isn't it two o'clock yet?" As crazy-making as this can be, it's not that far from how the prophets, Scripture, and Christians of years past encourage us to inhabit Advent: with hungry anticipation for what God will do in our world, what God will do in us. We want to help children taste and cultivate that longing! 

The name of the season, Advent, is from the Latin adventus, which means coming, or arrival. And an arrival is exactly how God chooses to deal with all that is distorted and out of joint in us and out world. God arrives in person on the scene, a small baby born on the margins of a great empire, to dwell as one of us in his creation and lift the burden of all that has gone wrong onto his own back. In Advent, we remember the longing of all creation for the coming of its Savior. We enter into that longing as we hope fervently for his second arrival, when Jesus will finally make all things new! 

We Wonder: Advent is an invitation for children to step into that story for themselves as we journey toward Christmas. 

Who is this podcast for?

We Wonder is created for elementary-aged children, though children of all ages can certainly listen and enjoy! Families can also listen together as a daily Advent devotional, and wonder about the story together.

Where can I find you?

You can listen to We Wonder wherever podcasts are found! 

Who Are We?

Sarah Dahl, host

Sarah is a writer who developed the children's ministry curriculum at City Church San Francisco, and is involved in lay theological education with the Newbigin House of Studies. She attended Wheaton College and Luther Seminary, and believes deeply in imaginative formation in Scripture as a gift for spiritual growth. Her writing also appears in Comment and Christian History magazines. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, two children, and a very elderly cat.

Richard Clark, producer

Richard is the creative lead at CT Creative Studio, and the co-host and producer of The No-Chill Enneapod and Living and Effective. 

Barbara Lyon, art

Barbara is an artist, as well as the Children's Ministry Director at City Church San Francisco. She loves the beautiful mess that is bringing children deeper into relationship with Christ and his church. 

What We Believe

We believe the Scriptures are "the sacred writings that are able to instruct you for salvation through Jesus Christ," that they are God-breathed, and that the Holy Spirit works in and through our engagement with these ancient texts to build God's people up in faith, hope, and love (2 Timothy 3:15-17). We believe they belong to all of God's people: that the people, stories, poems, and assurances of Scripture should be the furniture of a child's imagination. We also believe that children should be encouraged to wonder about, push back on, and actively engage God as they encounter these writings. God is not afraid of their questions, and is big enough for anything they could wonder!  We want to come alongside parents, who are the primary spiritual caregivers to their children, and help foster a lifetime of passionate engagement with and pursuit of the God who so deeply loves them and calls out to all of us in these inspired words.

Misty Woodland